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We all want to be strong and competent leaders at work. Now more than ever before, business professionals are realizing that the habits they practice in their personal lives can be hugely impactive in how they perform in their professional lives.If you’re not getting adequate sleep at night, you’re not going to be in any shape to perform at work the next day. The last thing you want is to be falling asleep at your desk. To help you understand why sleep is so integral to great leadership, here’s why sleep is important for a leader.

Well-Rested People Make Better Decisions

Some studies have found that being sleep deprived isn’t too different from being intoxicated by alcohol. In fact, sleep deprived drivers are just as likely to get into car accidents and are considered as dangerous as those who drive intoxicated. In a sleep deprived state, it can be easier to make mistakes and let things fall to the wayside.  Don’t let a poor night’s sleep be the reason that you make a bad workplace decision that could cost the company.

Well-Rested Leaders Are Nicer

No one wants to be the “jerk boss” that their employees can’t stomach and only pretend to like. Studies have found that sleep deprived managers can be argumentative, disrespectful and wholly unkind to their employees. Anyone who’s ever gotten a poor night’s rest knows that it can have quite the detrimental effect on one’s mood, so avoid this by getting to bed on time.

Diet, Exercise and Mindfulness Matter as Well

While sleep is extremely important to a leader’s performance, other factors matter as well, namely diet and exercise. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to be a good boss, but maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise can boost your mood and help you to be more agreeable and make better decisions at work. The wellbeing of your mind matters as well. Try yoga or meditation if you find yourself constantly stressed and worrying.

The more effort you put into your self-improvement, the better you’ll perform as a leader at work. A cornerstone of self-improvement should be improving one’s sleeping habits. Make sure your bedroom is a place where you can rest comfortably. Before you do fall asleep, try avoiding using your laptop or cellphone in bed, it will help you fall asleep easier. The better quality of sleep that you get, the better a leader you’ll be during the workday.