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There are many responsibilities that come with the role of being a leader. Robin Cangie shares some of the wisdom gained from her experiences working with individuals and groups as a career and leadership coach.

The first piece of advice is to discuss expectations so that everyone is informed and can voice their concerns. Communication from a leader is usually limited to the setting of deadlines for different people, but a group is more than the sum of its individual parts. Talking about expectations in a holistic way makes everyone feel incorporated and promotes synergy. This leads to the second lesson, which is to incorporate performance management. Rather than leaving employees to evaluate their own work, review their performance and let them know where they can improve and where they’re doing an exceptional job. Third, remember that each person is different and has their own set of experiences and needs. Don’t make the mistake of mixing up personal preferences with what other people want.

The last two nuggets of wisdom are especially important to keep in mind throughout the course of being a leader. Life has its ups and downs, and it is important to know how to deal with these moments. For one, don’t get so caught up in the good times that you lose sight of the future. There are times when things will just fall into place and successes will come with ease; use these as an opportunity to gain an advantage. Finally, remember not to get weighed down by the bad times. There are instances where people make mistakes or circumstances are far from optimal, but there is always a lesson to be learned. In fact, some of life’s greatest accomplishments can be the results of lessons learned from mistakes and obstacles experienced in the past. Make the most out of every situation and use the bad times in life to learn something valuable.

Leadership is not about the individual, but the entire group. Part of the stress of the job is knowing that it is a role that others look up to and depend on. These five tips will help maintain the proper mindset to lead to a more successful future for everyone.