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Julius Caesar was one of the most influential leaders in ancient history. His lessons can still be learned even today, as it takes a very skilled person to accomplish the expansion of an empire to nearly the entire world. Though war is never a good thing and he committed horrible atrocities everywhere that he went, there are very positive lessons on diplomacy, communication, feelings of responsibility for our actions, abilities to celebrate the good times, and the ability to take risks which are completely applicable in the modern world today.

Social Connection

Nowadays, there are platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. Back then, it was equally important to know the names of as many soldiers as possible. It was said that Caesar’s connections were so strong that he knew the names of every single one of his soldiers. Likewise in the business world, knowing the names of all of your coworkers and having a positive relationship with them is vitally important to sustained success.

Communication Skills

Strong oral communication skills are always important in the business world. Caesar was no exception to this rule, as he would often show up in the Senate delivering intensely passionate and powerful speeches to his colleagues and soldiers. Being able to communicate closely with your team is one of the most vital aspects of modern leaderships which can be taken away from Julius Caesar.

Accepting Responsibilities

Julius Caesar ensured that he accepted responsibility for himself and his soldiers’ actions at all times. By sleeping, eating and fighting with his soldiers at all times he was more readily able to identify and correct any deficiencies which they carried or that he carried. Had he taken a more passive role in leadership then he would be more disconnected from his soldiers and would not have gained the trust and admiration necessary to expand a global empire as he did. In business, we can learn to accept responsibility for our failures and more easily correct them while we’re leading in the corporate trenches, too.

Celebration Mode

The ability to bask and relish in the glory of complete and utter victory is something which was absolutely critical and natural for Caesar. Ultimate success, whether it be obtaining gold and riches, being the center of incredulous carnivals throughout Rome, or any other form of success, Caesar knew how to use success to his advantage. He actually wrote books on his successes in order to extend these victories into the future. Ensuring that your team is on the same wavelength as you will help strengthen team bonds and become a tighter unit that is even more capable of success.