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The art of writing well is almost lost in today’s modern workplace. Most of us are more likely to shoot off an email or fire off a text message than sit at our desks and write out a letter or memo. Communication is essential in the modern workplace, but not everyone believes that it’s essential to communicate well.

If you are looking to supercharge your business writing skills, here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Don’t Get Emotional
    Business writing is just that: business. A memo or a letter is not the place to share your emotions with co-workers, clients, or customers. Keep your writing professional and formal. If you have to say something emotionally charged, do so face-to-face, over the phone, or in an email that’s direct but polite.

  2. Be Clear and Concise
    Make sure that your writing is clear and easy to understand. Use language that everyone can comprehend, avoid fancy words unless they are commonly used in your industry, and check your writing for spelling or grammar errors. Most writing programs have built-in software to correct errors, but you can also install one on your browser to check your emails for you.

  3. Learn Where Your Writing Struggles May Be
    For some people, it’s a lack of clarity. For others, it’s the use of the wrong words or incorrect punctuation. Maybe you tend to ramble on and your writing is more like an essay than a memo. Figure out where your struggles are so that you can work on them.

  4. Get Feedback From People You Trust
    The people who know you best are usually the ones who can point out your mistakes the quickest. Ask them which areas need more attention, or ask them to proofread your writing for errors before sending it out.

  5. Read Your Writing Aloud
    This is a great way to catch mistakes. If you read your writing out loud and stumble over a word or make up an entirely different sentence in your head, chances are that other people will have the same problem.

    If you can improve your business writing skills, you will quickly rise above the other candidates in your field. It’s time to step up your game!