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“Are great leaders born or are they trained?” The question has been asked since the dawn of time. Some people just seem to have “it” when it comes to being a leader while others just do not. There are great leaders in different fields, and then there are some who manage to break down barriers and take their leadership skills in one area into other walks of life. Throughout¬†history, there have been a few leaders who have truly stood out among the rest. Here’s a quick look at some business leaders who have had an impact on more than just bottom lines; they have helped change the world as we know it.
Tim Cook

Tim Cook took over as the CEO of Apple (one of the most valuable companies in the world) after the tragic death of founder Steve Jobs in 2011. Not only has Cook helped to navigate Apple through a very public leadership transition, but he has also stood his ground against the FBI who has long pushed the tech mogul to create a backdoor in iPhones. Cook has also played a pivotal role in the launching of Apple retail locations in China.

Warren Buffett

Long known as one of the wealthiest men in the world Warren Buffett obviously lives his life with the belief that a person’s impact isn’t just to be reflected in their bank account. Buffett is consistently donating portions of his massive wealth to charitable causes. Not only does Buffett believe that making a difference isn’t relegated only to personal finances, he also doesn’t believe it is relegated only to one’s life. Buffett has already pledged roughly 99% of his wealth to philanthropic causes upon his death.

Reed Hastings

When Reed Hastings founded Netflix it was initially a due-date-free movie rental platform. Over the years, the company quickly evolved into a full streaming service that also airs original programming. Hastings isn’t just sitting back and enjoying the wealth his creation has generated for him; he is constantly trying to make an impact on tomorrow’s leaders. He is very active advocating for change in California’s education and charter school system.

There are countless other examples of business leaders who are also revolutionizing the world we live in. The leaders above are only just three of them. Whether leadership is taught or simply a skill present at birth, one fact remains: great leaders can impact people and society in multiple walks of life.