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Jerry Swon

Professional Overview

About Jerry

Jerry Swon is a highly experienced financial consultant who lives in Mendham, New Jersey. For 30+ years he has cultivated his expertise as one of the country’s top reverse merger specialists in the financial sector. Jerry is well-versed in handling complex business matters and helping companies to acquire the capital they need to thrive.

Jerry’s career began when he graduated from Hamline University with his Bachelor of Arts in in 1972. He quickly entered the working world and served in fiscal and management positions with several financial firms. Within the past two decades especially, Jerry has established himself as a leading professional who is able to provide strategic guidance and financial insight to numerous sectors: energy commodities marketing, logistics and trading; corporate tax; and nutraceutical product development, to name a few.

Jerry previously served as President of Concord Energy, Inc., a company which is based in San Antonio, Texas. He was responsible for the $7 million reverse merger of Knight Equipment and Manufacturing Corp with Concord, allowing for a drastic boost in efficiency to Concord’s gas power plant design and construction capabilities. Jerry later participated in the reverse mergers of Proformix with Canadian furniture manufacturer Office Specialty and Solar Technologies Corp. with WorldWater.

In addition to these career milestones, Jerry has overseen numerous new initiatives himself. He co-founded Tax Transfer Corporation, which helps early-growth tech or biotech firms based in New Jersey plot strong corporate tax strategies. He was also a founding executive of Millennium Biotechnologies Group, Inc. (now Inergetics, Inc.). Serving as President and Chief Executive Officer of Millennium, Jerry spearheaded the company’s product development for the clinical nutrition and sports supplement markets.

On this blog, Jerry Swon will share general insights into leadership, team-building, and company culture, culled from a lifetime of diverse professional experience.

More About Jerry Swon

When he’s not working as a financial consultant, Jerry enjoys a variety of personal hobbies. He has a longstanding interest in volunteering and community involvement. Over the years he has worked with numerous organizations. He is also a golfer and a sports fan in general. Jerry was a former National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) district champion during his college years. In 1990 he led the revival of the New Jersey Rockets, a youth hockey program. Nowadays the New Jersey Rockets are well-known as a source of local pride; they have produced draftees who earned spots in National Hockey League teams or their affiliates.