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There is not a single industry left unaffected by the coronavirus. However, before the pandemic businesses were shifting their focus to allow for employees to perform their work outside of the office within more flexible schedules. Now, as companies continue to respond and adapt to the virus there is an exorbitant amount of technology that is helping people find solutions for improving their remote work.


Here are a few great tools that are helping people to improve their communication, collaboration, and productivity.


Skype, Zoom, and Slack


Sharing information and staying in contact is vital for the success of a business. Working from home can make sharing ideas between team members more difficult. With tools such as skype, zoom, and slack staying in contact with others is easy. 


These apps allow for information to be shared quickly. There are various options for control settings which allow you to choose who you get notifications from and when. Furthermore, these apps make sending photos and files very easy. Instead of navigating a long string of emails, projects can be discussed using these tools as an alternative. 


Teamwork and Basecamp


Both Teamwork and Basecamp are software services that allow employees to remotely manage their tasks in the same place. Both platforms allow users to set up deadlines, create to-do lists, and track activity. You can even communicate with others without having to log in to a different app. There are built-in calendars and features that allow for comments to be made on files. 


Basecamp is particularly popular among managers and freelancers due to the ease of use for communication and collaboration.




This tool is great for managers looking for a way to measure employee engagement. Glint tracks activity thought an ongoing cycle of feedback taken from all users. Companies can benefit from the tool by using the data analysis it provides to predict risks, support employees, find opportunities for improvement, and recommend necessary changes.


Google Drive and Dropbox


Google Drive and Dropbox are very similar tools that allow remote workers to share, sync, and collaborate on documents. Users can share large files such as PowerPoint, sketch, and photoshop as well. Files are stored in very accessible, but secure locations online and automatically sync across devices.


Whether you’re looking for a tool to assist with data management and sharing, performance management, or better collaboration and communication services these tech tools are improving remote work everywhere.