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Virtual workspaces are everywhere and it appears that remote work won’t be a temporary trend. Flexible offices have become the norm in almost every industry, from commercial real estate to entertainment production. Most people now want jobs that not only offer them flexibility in their schedules, but also in where they are able to actually perform the work.


In fact, remote work has become a major factor in home buying. People are making financial decisions to either renovate or remodel their homes in order to better accommodate remote work. Of course, there are many factors that help make remote work more successful. Collaboration is one area that has taken a hit. 


Collaboration is an important part of a successful business. With most people working from home it can be difficult for team members to get together and throw ideas around as they used to in the office. However, there are many ways to make remote collaboration more successful.


Use the Right Tech Tools


By this point, most teams should be using online tools to make communication easier. Things such as Zoom, Slack, Skype, and Google Hangouts are all great ways to host virtual meetings. Not only do these online tech tools help to make communicating easy, but they also allow team members to easily share documents and manage projects. There are also programs that are specifically for project management, such as Basecamp.


Alter Routines to Best Accommodate Work


Working from home can be difficult when there are distractions everywhere. Alter yoru routines to best accommodate work. This could mean buying an electric kettle for the office instead of running to the kitchen each time and inevitably becoming distracted by dishes or family members. 


Leaders should schedule meetings at the very beginning or the very end of the day so that everyone gets off on the right foot and ends on a positive note. The morning is easily the best time for collaboration as people are usually rested and ready to share ideas and get the day off to a productive start.


Team Building Exercises


In order to help employees maintain healthy relationships, which leads to better communication it is important that leaders invest time in team-building exercises. These activities can include trivia games, online escape rooms, and remote movie nights. There are virtual opportunities everywhere. Team building exercises help to foster productivity and collaboration in major ways.