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Goals are a fantastic way to promote focus and gain direction in one’s life. By setting goals people can transform their lives, not only personally but professionally as well. However, too often people set goals without careful consideration and eventually abandon the process. In order to achieve goals, the process must be understood.

Here are a few tips for effective goal setting.

Set Goals That Motivate You

The first step of goal setting is to choose things that are important to you. One must have an interest in the outcome or else there will be a lack of drive and the goals won’t be achieved. When choosing a goal focus on the highest priorities in your life. It takes serious commitment to be successful in the process so choosing something that feels urgent or valuable is important.

Write your goals down and go one step further by including why it’s so important to you. Read it throughout the process so that you can stay motivated and remain confident that you have the ability and determination to see it through.

Make the Goals Specific

The more specific a goal is the greater chance of it being brought to fruition. Do not set vague goals as it is far too easy to get off track when directions are not clear. View the process like a training program that must be precise and provide a regimen.

Make the Goals Measurable

When setting goals ask yourself how can the progress be measured? Break the goal down into different elements. When do you want to see the earliest results? How will you be able to tell that things are changing or improving? Furthermore, set goals that once accomplished will be tangible. What will it look like, how will it feel, what will you see when you’ve attained the goals that were set.

Make the Goals Attainable

Lastly, when setting goals ensure that they are realistic and appropriate for you and your life. Avoid overreaching and setting goals that you either can’t afford or won’t have the time to focus on. Plan out steps and make a time frame that you can actually carry out. There must be a time frame because when there is not it’s easy to lose motivation and divert from the plan.